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BSB Trust Company offers a full range of UK trust and corporate services to both private and corporate clients. There are a number of reasons clients seek to include UK and offshore entities as part of their financial structuring, ranging from estate planning, wealth protection, to tax planning and confidentiality. There are many potential advantages of using trusts and managed companies.

Its team of directors and consultants has extensive experience and expertise both internationally and in the UK within different sectors and disciplines. The owners have experience in working within regulated businesses in the Channel Islands, Switzerland and the UK.

Our team looks to provide a comprehensively dedicated service, which is tailored to each client’s specific requirements. Our own experience on the boards of companies as both Executive and non-executive directors, enables us to understand the role that good governance, communication with an understanding of a Company’s processes contributes to the success of a business and how this can be implemented effectively.

At BSB we use Blueprint software so that we can ensure that we have the correct platform to ensure that our clients’ entity management, corporate governance and corporate secretarial support are correctly administered and are statutorily compliant, in line with best practice. It is managed by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and consequently it is also linked in to the systems at Companies House to ensure that your records are always up-to-date.

BSB Trust is registered with HM Revenue & Customs for anti-money laundering supervision.